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"Classics Illustrated Special Issues"

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129(A). The Story of JESUS (12/55) Cl: Victor Prezio, C2:?, Art: William Walsh (Alex Blum backgrounds), adp: Lorenz Graham. 

132A. The Story of AMERICA (6/56) C:?, pgs.1-28: Lou Cameron, p.29-51: Lin Streeter, p.52-74: Peter Costanza, p.75-96:? 

135A. The TEN COMMANDMENTS (12/56) Art & Cover: Norman Nodel, adapter: Lorenz Graham 

138A. Adventures in SCIENCE (6/57) C:?, p.1-66: Peter Costanza, p.67-94: Lin Streeter 

141A. The ROUGH RIDER (12/57) C:?, Art: George Evans

144A. Blazing the TRAILS WEST (6/58) C:?, p.1-73: George Evans, p.74-94: John Severin

147A. Crossing the ROCKIES (12/58) C: Gerald McCann, p.1-31: Norman Nodel, p.32-60: George Evans, p.61-94: Joe Orlando

150A. ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (6/59) C: G. McCann, p.l: L. B .Cole, p.2-9: S. Glanzman, p.10-16: G. Ingels, p.17-22: Sid Check(?), p.23-28: Kirner (?), p.29-45: Sam Becker, p.46-57:(?), p.58-71/92-94: N. Nodel, p.72-79: Stan Campbell, p.80-91: Ray Ramsey.

153A. MEN, GUNS & CATTLE (12/59) C/p.28-41/88-94: McCann, L. B. Cole, 2-27:Evans, 42-54/73-77: Kinstler,.55-72: Nodel, 78-87:Peltz. 

156A. The ATOMIC AGE (6/60) C: Gay Welker, p.1-12: Nodel, p.13-21/91-94: B. Premiani, p.22-25: E. Ashe, p.26-38/74-80/86-90: McCann, p.39-45/64-66: S. Glanzman, p.46-47/54-63: G. Evans, p.48-53: E. R. Kinstler, p.67-73: John Tartaglione, p.81-85: A.Torres. 

159A. ROCKETS, JETS and MISSILES (12/60) C: Simon, p.1/10-19/41-47/58-63: G. McCann, p.2-8: G. Evans, p.9/20/29/39/48/56/64-67/79: Sam Glanzman, p.21-28/50-53: John Tartaglione, p.31-38: H. J. Kihl, p.54-55: Jack Abel, p.69-78: Gray Morrow.

162A. The WAR Between the States (6/61) C: Biggs, p.1-7/24-29/55-59/77-84: Kirby, 8-11/45-54: Glanzman, 12-15/38-39/70-73/85-91: Till Goodan (?), 16-17/40-44/68-69: G. Peltz, .18-19/92-94: Evans, 20-23/60-65: Edd Ashe, 30-37: J. Tartaglione, 66-67: Nodel, 74-76: S. Campbell.

165A. To The STARS (12/61) p.1-11:Torres, 12-28/50-53: Evans,. 29-31: Kirby, 32-37/63-85: Glanzman, 38-49/56-62: Albistur, 86-94: Nodel. 

166A. WORLD WAR 2 (62) 1-12/31/45-50/62/81-96: Torres, 13-19/24-25/38-44/69-72: Evans, 20-23/26-30/32-37/51-61/63-68/73-80: Nodel 

167A. PREHISTORIC WORLD (7/62) p.1-57: A. Torres, p.58-66/68-77: G. Evans, p.67/87-96: N. Nodel, p.78-83: Albistur, p.84-86: G. McCann. 

nn. The U.N. (nd) p.1/27/41-44: G. Evans, p.28-32: A. Torres, p.56-63:8: Premiani, p.2-26/34-40/45-55: unknown European artist.






"The World Around Us"

*Artist Directory*


WI. DOGS (9/58) C/p.1/20-40/55/67-69/80: E. H. Hart, p.2-19: Evans, p.41/70-72: Peltz, p.42-54:?, p.56-66: L. Streeter, p.73-79: Walsh 

W2. INDIANS (10/58) C: Gerald McCann, p.1-9: Sam Glanzman, p.10-14: John Forte, 15-23: George Tukell, 24-49: Till Goodan (?), p.50-53: Alfonso Green, p.54-56: H. V. Kihl, p.57-71: John Tartaglione, p.72-76: A. Brewster, p.77-80: Sid Check.

W3. HORSES (11/58) C/p.61-64: L. B. Cole, p.1/40-46/65-72: John Forte, p.2-14/20-31/56-60/80: Gerald McCann, p.15-19: Sam Glanzman, p.32-39/47-55: E. H. Hart, p.73-75: H. J. Kihl, p.76-79: A. Brewster.

W4. RAILROADS (12/58) p.1/62-65: Cole, 2-12: Stein, 13-29: Kirner, 37-42: Nodel, 47-61: Becker, 66-75: Klein, 76-80: Tartaglione 

W5. SPACE (1/59) C: WeLker, 1-12: Stein, 13-23: Tartaglione, 24-27/56-74: Glanzman, 28-36: McCann, 37-41: Hart, 42-55: ingles, 75-80: Kihl 

W6. The FBI (2/59) C: ?, p.1/19-23: G. McCann, p.2-5: G. Evans, p.6-9: G. Ingles, p.10-14/25-28: A. Brewster, p.15-18: Jim lnfantino, p.24: H. J. Kihl, p.29-32/58-69: R. Ramsey, p.33-38: J. Tartaglione, p.39-54: G. Klein, p.44-57/75-80: J. Disbrow, p.70-74: S. Campbell 

W7. PIRATES (3/59) C:?, p.1-11/72-80: G. McCann, p.12-14: J. Disbrow, p.15-19/46-49: A. Brewster, p.20-24: J. Forte, p.25-28: E. H. Hart, p.29-31/33-36 :?, p.32/55-59/68-71: H. V. Kihl, p.37-41: S. Campbell, p.42-45: N. Nodel, p.50-54: G. Ingles, p.60-67: J. Tartaglione. 

W8. FLIGHT (4/59) C/p.32-39/56-63/80: S. Campbell, p.1/27-31: G. McCann, p.2-7/71-79: J. TartagLione, p.8-11/40-42: H. J. Kihl, p.12-22: Graham Ingles, p.23-26/43-44: A. Brewster, p.45-47: Sam Becker, p.48-55: George Evans, p.64-70: Sam Glanzman.

W9.  ARMY (5/59) C: Roea, p.1/28-35/64-73: McCann, 2--7: Tartaglione, 8-12/44-46: Brewster, 13-17: ingles, 18-22: Klein, p.23: Ashe, p.24-27: Kihl, 36-43: Moritz, 47-49: Ramsey, 50-52: Orlando, 53-55: Addeo, 56-58: Disbrow, 59-63: Nodel, p.74-80:Glanzman.

W1O. NAVY (6/59) C: Gay Welker, p.1-10/12-17/27/57-68: Gerald McCann, p.11/42-45: H. J. Kihl, p.18-20/28-30/34-36: E. A. Kinstler, p.21-26: Jay Disbrow, p.31-33: A. Brewster, p.37-41/74-80: Sam Glanzman, p.46-56: George Klein, p.69-73: George Peltz.

Wl1. MARINES (7/59) C: Alex Blum, p.1-10: Gerald McCann, p.12-27: E. R. Kinstler, p.28-32: Joe Orlando, 11.33-41: Graham Ingels, p.42-46: George Woodbridge, p.48-58: John Tartaglione, p.60-64: Stan Campbell, p.65-71: Sidney Check, p.72-80: Sam Glanzman.

W12. COAST GUARD (8/59) C:?, p.l: Gerald McCann, p.2-13Z66-72: Edd Ashe, p.15-17: George Peltz, p.20-30: Stan Campbell, p.32-36: Kirner, p.37-42: A. Brewster, p.43-51: Graham ingles, p.53-64:John Tartaglione, p.73-80:Sam Glanzman.

W13. AIR FORCE (9/59) C:?, p.1/8-21/46-59: Gerald McCann, p.2-7/76-80 : Sam Glanzman, p.23-31:Edd Ashe, p.32-33/69-74: H. J. Kihl p.34-44: Norman Nodel, p.60: A. Brewster, p.62-68: George Klein.

W14. The FRENCH REVOLUTION (10/59) C:?, p.1-20: Gerald McCann, p.22-32: E. R .Kinstler, p.33-40: George Klein,. p.42-55/74-75/79-80: Norman Nodel, p.56-70: George Evans, p.71-72: H. J. Kihl, p.76-78: A. Brewster.

W15. PREHISTORIC ANIMALS (11/59) C: Geoffrey Biggs, p.1-7/58-66: Gerald McCann, p.8-14/39-43: Steven Addeo, p.16-21/31-38: Gray Morrow, p.22-29: Sam Glanzman, p.45-54: Al Williamson, p.55-57: George Peltz, p.68-72:Till Goodan.

W16. The CRUSADES (12/59) C/p.1-20/49-51: G. McCann, 22-29: E. R. KinstLer, 30-38/65-71: B. Premiani, 40-48: E. Ashe, 53-63: H. J. Kihl. 

W17. FESTIVALS (1/60) C:?, p.1-9: George Evans, p.10-11/35-41/: Bruno Premiani, p.12-18: Wm. Walsh, p.19-21/42-43/57-60: H. J. Kihl, p.22: Alex Blum, p.23-26/44-45/61-62: George Peltz, p.28-33/69-72: J. Tartaglione, p.46-49: Edd Ashe, p.50-55/63-67: N. Nodel. 

W18. SCIENTISTS (2/60) p.1-5: Evans, p.6/19/24/30/58/71-72: S. Addeo, p.7-11: E. Ashe, p.13-18: A. Williamson, p.20-23: J. Tartaglione, p.26-29: B. Premiani, p.31-38: Gray Morrow, p.40-45: Sam Glanzman, p.47-57: N. Nodel, p.60-67: A. Torres, p.68-70: H. J .Kihl. 

W19. The JUNGLE (3/60) C/p.1-2/61-72: McCann, 4-16: Sid Check, 18-24:Tartaglione, 25-28: Peltz, 29-32/57-59: Glanzman, 34-56: Morrow 

W20. COMMUNICATIONS (4/60)   C:?, p.1-11/29-33: G. McCann, p.13-19: Bruno Premiani, p.20-22: G. Peltz, p.23-25: john Tartaglione, p.27-28/63-66: H. J. Kihl, p.34-42: A. Torres, p.44-51: G. Evans, p.52-55: A. Brewster, p.56-61: S. Glanzman, P.67-72: Edd Ashe. 

W21. AMERICAN PRESIDENTS (5/60) C: Myers, p.1-11: George Evans, p.12/31-35/47-54: Norman Nodel, p.13-17: Edd Ashe, p.18/29-30/36-39/45-46: H. J. Kihl, p.19-23/40-44/55-56: Gerald McCann, p.24-28: Gray Morrow, p.57-60: George Peltz.

W22.  BOATING (6/60) C/p.9-14/26-32: Gerald McCann, p.1-5/47-50: Norman Nodel, p.6-8/37-38/63-64: H. I. Kihl, p.17-20: Edd Ashe, p.22-25: John Tartaglione, p.33-35: George Peltz, p.39-46- Gray Morrow, p.51-62: Sam Glanzman.

W23.  GREAT EXPLORERS (7/60) C/p.18-25/57-64: McCann, 1-9/35-46: Evans, 10-15/49-54: Morrow, 17127/47/55: Kihl, 28-34: Tartaglione.

 W24.  GHOSTS (8/60) 1-8: Evans, 9-14/21/64: Morrow, 15-19: Abet, 22-28: Walsh, 29-37: Kihl, 39-43: PeLtz, 45-54: Tartgln., 56-63: Nodel 

W25.  MAGIC (9/60) C/p.53-64: G. Morrow, 1-13: G. Evans, 15-20/37-38: G. Peltz, 21-24: A. Brewster, 26-36: Nodel, 40-51: J. Tartaglione 

W26. THE CIVIL WAR (10/60) C/p.32-37/62-64- Norman NodeL, p.1-6/24-30: Gray Morrow, p.7-8/23/39/50: H. J. Kihl, p.9-13: Angelo Torres, p.14-15/22/38/39/60: George Peltz, p.17-21/41-48: Sam Glanzman, p.51-59: Gerald McCann.

W27.  HIGH ADVENTURE (Mountains) (11/60) C:?, p.1-6/54-59: George Evans, p.7-18:Tony Tallarico, p.19-24/40-44: Gerald McCann, p.25-29/45-48: Sam Glanzman, p.30-35/60-63: Gray Morrow, p.36-39/49-53: George Peltz, p.64: Steven Addeo.

W28.  WHALING (12/60) C/p.45:?, p.1-9/46-48/64: Gray Morrow, p.10/19/44: Sam Glanzman, p.11/26/33-35: Norman NodeL, p.12-18: Gerald McCann, p.20-25/60-63: Angelo Torres, p.27-32/36-43:Bruno Premiani, p.46-53:H. J. Kihl, p.54-59: George Evans 

W29.  VIKINGS (1/61) C/p.9-10: Gerald McCann, p.1-5/46-48/53-58: George Evans, p.6-8/17-20/49-52: Norman Nodel, p.21-26/59-62: Angelo Torres, p.27-34/63-64: Sam Glanzman, p.35-39:Tony Tallarico, p.40-45:Bruno Premiani.

W30.  UNDERSEA ADVENTURES (2/61) C. Jay Scott Pike, p.1/64: Jack Kirby, p.2-13/60-63: Angelo Torres, p.14-18/36-41: Sam Glanzman, p.19-22:?, p.23-29: Lou Morales, p.30-35: Tony Tattarico, p.42-48: Stan Campbell, p.54-59: George Evans.

W31.  HUNTING (3/61) C/p.41-43:?, p.1/6-11/25-29 :Jack Kirby, 2-5/35-38: Till Goodan, 12-14/64: Pete Morisi, p.15-16: George Peltz, p.17-19: S. Campbell, -20-24/30-34/47-48: S. Glanzman, 39-40: Luis Dominguez, 44-46-. H. I. Kihl, 54-59: G. Evans, 60-63: N. Nodel.

W32.  FOR GOLD & GLORY (4/61) C: Al Sundel photo, p.1-8/44-48: Gray Morrow, p.9-10: George Tukell, p.15-23: Jack Kirby, p.24-32/54-59: George Evans, p.33-38: Sam Glanzman, p.39-43: Sam Becker, p.49-53: Charles Berger, p.60-63: Norman Nodel.

W33FAMOUS TEENS (5/61) C: Geggan, p.1/14-23/30-32/48: Torres, 2-11: T. Goodan, 24-29: S. Campbell, 33-38: Morrow, 39-40: Tallarico, p.41-47: S. Becker, p.49-53: C .Berger, p.54-59: G. Evans, p.60-63: N. Nodel. (AL Sundel wrote most 1960-61 WAU scripts)

W34.  FISHING (6/61) p.1-5/46-48: Albistur, 6-22/26-27/35-41: Glanzman, 23: Torres, 42-45: Miller, 54-59: Evans, 60-63: Nodel, pgs:? 

W35.  SPIES (8/61) p.1/8-14: N. Nodel, 2-7/31-36/54-59: G. Evans, 15-22: Edd Ashe, 23-30/40-45: Albistur, 37-39/46-47: J. Kirby, pgs:? 

W36.  MEDICINE (10/61) p.1-15/21-23: Albistur, 16-17/24-28/44-46:? T. Tallarico, 33-43/47-48: J. Kirby, 54-59: N. Nodel, other pages:?


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